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can we try one more time by akimuby on Flickr.

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My camera gear for the Nepal Trek

318 of 365 part 4: Spinning Steel Wool in the snow on Flickr.
Via Flickr: I’ve been wanting to do this since it snowed, but it has always been too windy for it to be safe. Well, it was windy today too, but since we warmed up to 43° Fahrenheit (6° Celsius), everything was all melty and pretty much drenched. I figured that it would be pretty safe to spin some steel wool.  And it was… the sparks sizzled and went out rather quickly, but I did get that cool effect of them glowing in the snow. Because of the wind, though, I took extra precautions so I wouldn’t get burned by an errant spark (I wore a swath of thick velvet cloth on my head and wore my old denim jacket).